Tuesday, April 04, 2006

""Struggle in the struggling world""

Struggle is not just another word but inherits within itself many conceptions, helplessness and reflection of our modern society that relies on this word to escape itself from life’s realities.

Struggle, in our society, is tagged with those unfortunate ones who are not able to meet expectations in eyes of other people. Struggle, as the word is powerful enough to put down motivation burner of many who are striving hard to achieve something and Struggle, is no less than social venom, which slowly creeps into our mind once we find road to the goal a bit difficult.

But questions arises is that are we justified for using this word so often in today’s competitive world where almost all of us are strugglers in one aspect or other?? Some of us are struggling in meeting our professional goals, many of us are struggling to manage our personal life and several among us do not know where to start even!!!

Today, we see more failures and personal defeats than what we used to have in the past. The problem lies within us. We never go soul searching to find out the reason behind the struggle. The reason is our loneliness and we are usually left alone to fight against all problems. And one thing is for sure “It’s not easy!!!( HEY OLD MAN ARE YOU READING ARE YOU WITH ME)” May be that’s why a wise man has once said “ We can lessen the burden of problems on us by sharing them.”(THAT’S WHAT ALIEN TRIED DOING BUT EVERYBODY MADE HIS FUN NOBODY UNDERSTOOD AND CALLED HIM ALIEN)

Aren’t you tired of calling yourself “I'm feed up of Struggle in this Struggling World”? Honestly, At least, I’m!!

hey i am sorry as this is alien's view and may not be acceptable by law or by mankind or ....But aliens are inherited by........!!

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jedi said...

what is life without struggle and the victory over it or failure and the cycle all over again. imagine a non-struggle life. no experiences, just the same rut.