Saturday, November 25, 2006


Is it your voice or Is it your silence …..
Miles away from me, but still you are the nearest,
So soft is your speech, to me it sounds the loudest.

Is it your appearance or Is it your intelligence….
Every word you speak, means to me a lot,
Each time you see me, makes me feel I am lost.

Is it your boldness or is it your innocence…
I am part of the mob, yet I feel lonely in it.
With you around, I feel like I am at the summit.

What is it... !, that makes my life worth living?
Why do I feel so light, as though I am flying, freely flying?



Anonymous said...

WHAt is it??? thats wat i m searchin for....nice work dude!

alien said...

searching for something but not wat u need and loosing someone that u can't replace....this search i am sure will never end and all that ends will never will be termed as search hence can be worst..
Cheers!!!! why are u annonymous why don't u revealur identity...