Sunday, December 10, 2006


Im not here for girls, friends, girlfriends or anything. Ive seem them all & they're all phonys. Losers go for them. I used to. But then I learnt. I saw stuff that others dint. Im glad I did. They called me mad. There are people whom I used to consider my closest pals. Today they are all gone. You cant have a bunch of friends. If youre really really lucky you may have just one or at the most two but more than that is impossible. The rest are just there. Passers autumn leaves on a windy street. One gust and they're gone far away. Its the same damned thing with girls. People keep talkin about this shit which they claim exists & they call it love. Its the funniest and most fuc* all idea I've come across in my life. It is'nt really there! Its so bloody obvious but no one believes it. Just like life, God, hope etc. love is an illusion. Love exists but only in a family & between man & dog. Its the only place you dont get phonys. Family is real, the love between parent & child is real & so is the love between humans & dogs. Everything else is a pile of shit! People say that love is beautiful. I say all illusions are! The mirage of a pond in the desert is'nt real. But its bloody beautiful to the thirsty traveller! More beautiful than that are friendship & music. Music is something that is always pleasant to one who loves it. It repays you for just liking it by giving you immense peace of mind & joy. If I was a hermit in some forest, Id give up everything and go with an ipod and a dog. I may not be some great musician but it influences everything that I do. I spend most of my time on the streets of my city which I love more than anything. I fiddle around like crazy with my guitar (Audacity- it just rocks!) and rest of the time I lie on bed listening to music, writing songs, improving on the ones I already have written. If I dont get a chorus I just call it a poem. Im Looking for an singer, love to go on trips (get the meaning!), nuts about history, music, physics & Economics. Hitler, Rommel, Lennon, Subhash Bose, aviation and world war 2 tanks! Im a serious devotee of Adolf Hitler & Subhash Bose, two of the greatest leaders ever. I can prove it so. One is the most infamous man in the world & the other is the most unknown, who disappeared suddenly & people bothered to look for him some 50 yrs after he died! Its the proof of greatness. The world treats you like shit for trying to help them. Look at Gutenburg. He invented the printing press but sold the design for money because he was a pauper. One would expect he made millions & was a famous chap and all. He died a pauper on the streets of Germany with no money for medical treatment. After reading this you may call me a mentally deranged, Insane lunatic. I'll agree with you. You may say Im some sort or depressed freak. Frankly speaking, I dont give a shit! Im used to it.

Cruelty impresses. People want to be afraid of something. They want some one to whom they can submit with a shudder. The masses need that. They need something to dread.
-Adolf Hitler

The evil that men do lives after them,the good is oft interred with their bones-ShakespeareIts only a question of willpower.No one has really lost a battle so as long as he refuses to accept the battle is lost
-Benito Mussolini

There will come a time when we can no longer win the war by conquering the world but by continuing the war until the other side gives in

It would not be for the first time in history that willpower triumphs over stronger batallions of an enemy.To your troops you can therefore offer only 2 roads,the one that leads to Victory or the one that leads to Death. Surrender is forbidden.


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Good work dude, u have hit the bulls eye!! keep gud work.