Saturday, December 06, 2008


This is a day when we, are calling people from around the city to participate in a Peace Rally, against Terrorism not because of mumbai blast but against terrorism. My small mind is still thinking why the Home Minister and Chief Ministers of Rajasthan (During Jaipur Blast), Delhi (Blast at Connaught Place), and other major blast including Gujrat and other didn't left their positions and as Patil Govt. has seen major Blasts across the country and only Mumbai Attack is on top of it and now govt. is asking justifications and terrorists and other things from our Neighbours, which they denied...

Is it because in Mumbai we have lost all rich and the properties damaged were owned by again two multi rich families and the people died were foreigners also, as if they were only Indians it would not have had the impact it had now, and we could have let go as we did the other blasts...Poor ministers who are leaving their positions because of two rich families who had a little destruction in their properties and a few firangs who died.

This bloody politics is killing for no reason. Before this blood shed in Mumbai everybody was busy taking about "SAADHVI", VIDHAN SABHA CHUNAV, PUROHIT and suddenly we have forgotten all and we are marching against Pakistani Terrorists wherein Terrorists within the country are Freebird???

too fuckinn overloaded with thoughts fighting in my brain and feels as if it will expold but no one will be affected...burden of knowing and pain of not knowing......


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Anonymous said...

dear friend please change ur pic. its very indecent as ur thoughts.