Sunday, May 27, 2007


Stupidity has taken over,
I think we've lost the war.
Ignorance has taken over,
I can't take it anymore.
Genocides and living lies,
An enemies defeat.
Telling others how it's wrong,
A hypocrites elite.
Like a communist democracy,
Not making any sense.
Retaliation and refugees,
A revolution of repents.
We have to teach the youth,
Action must be taken.
Like a tree ful of poisonous fruit,
This world must be shaken.
Stupidity has taken over,
I think we've lost the war.
Ignorace has taken over,
I can't stand it anymore.
Unsure memories,
of years past movements.
Never well planned,
But looking towards improvements.
Thinking is a gift,
Like a parcel waiting for you.
Once it is discovered,
You will find your mind is true.



mr bojangles said...

baboo, i think someone has stolen this off you..

but I read that you got engaged?

new beginnings are always good, na.

alien said...

yes "new beginings are always good" but the only thing one resist is change, even when he knows that change is for good but acceptace is painful.

phish said...

will come back if you promise to delight me with sadness, again.