Friday, June 15, 2007


tripping on a trip to trip from a city to a village was a trip wroth tripping and hence had a nice trip to trip on.

Looking forward for more of such trips to trip on so as to keep tripping and getting the compliments of making a tripping trip.

this is all i am doing these days to keep going and hence

Keep tripping!!!!


Surath said...

That was quite a trippy trip thru' ur trip and it reminded me of my trips and all the trips I tripped on thruout this life which is always been a trip...!!!

alien said...

where were you this long.. thanks for visiting and hope u keep on ...TRIPPING..cheers!!!!

meraj said...

teep tripping, tripper!

btw, ive responded to your request and its here:

and whats this about marriage and all?